Please allow orders to take a few days longer due to COVID-19 disruption
Please allow orders to take a few days longer due to COVID-19 disruption
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Nature Therapy for the Home

Biography - Dawn Critchley

Dawn is a Patternologist with a master's degree in surface pattern design specialising in home interior accessories. Over the last twenty years, she worked as part of a design team on projects for John Lewis, Harrods, and Liberties of London. Often found on mini expeditions in the VW camper van. She enjoys creating art directly in nature in any weather. She writes a blog providing nature therapy for the home.

Dawn Critchley founded The Patternologist in 2019.

With the help of the European Union Regional Development Fund, Beinspired, Staffordshire University.

Solo entrepreneur, Biophilic Artist & Designer, bringing nature into living spaces through beautifully designed home décor accessories.

You will find us based in the UK in the county of Cheshire.

Our customers are nature lovers looking for some nature therapy for the home. Female, employed, and homeowners. They make their purchases when searching for a change of style, replacing old and worn-out items. They are not concerned with trends and prefer to surround themselves with things that reflect their personality and interests and usually buy from the heart. Research by Dawn Critchley 'An Exploration of Current Trends in Soft Furnishing Design', 2018

New design collections will take direction from the inherent human desire to connect with the natural environment and other living things. Time in nature reduces stress and brings us joy. The biophilic design principles have added another dimension to the design process by using the natural world as inspiration. We can replicate this in our homes by choosing these qualities as a necessity, not just a design style choice. The blog is committed to highlighting the benefits of our natural world on our well-being in our homes.



Cushions in a choice of linen and velvet fabrics. 

50cm x 50cm (20 x 20 inches)

£80 - £85


Birchwood Art Prints

22cm x 27cm

33cm x 41 cm

38cm x 46 cm

£35 - £52


Wooden Art Print

30cm x 30cm



Art Print to Frame

16 x 20 Inches



Lampshade (Drum) choose ceiling and table lamp fitting 

40.5cm x 25cm



Lampshade (Square) choose ceiling and table lamp fitting 

30 cm x 30 cm