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Our Story continues

Well how did I get here? (As the song goes)

Like most of us life has its challenges. I didn't excel at school. The subjects that interested me the most were art and rural science these two things that have stayed constant and created my passion for nature & art. This is my journey from school to 50+ in a five min read.

Working at a local kennels in the school summer holidays was my dream job, I loved taking care of the dogs & cats. Helping out with the litters of Chow Chow puppies was my favourite task! They always wanted to play and never took my job seriously! When I left school my first job was working at a local garden centre, I spent the next 3 years learning about garden plants. Even though the winters can be harsh the camaraderie of your work mates gets you through and the funny thing is that all these years later I still remember random latin plant names and quite often astound my friends and family with something like ‘Oh there’s a Garrya Elliptica’

By chance I found myself working on a 12 month woodland management program, the working environment was the best and getting to spend all day in the woods a bonus, we cleared rough areas making sure we transplanted any tiny saplings into our specially prepared nursery ready to replant once we had cleared the ground. I was even trained to use a chain saw and use it :  )  We were also shown how to start the chain saw when up a tree, I didn't get to do that but I do have an idea how to do it if ever required to in an emergency  : )

Missing working with dogs/animals I decided to train as a dog groomer and work for myself. As a mobile dog groomer I would set up my table in customers kitchens, garages, on one occasion out on the front lawn in the dark with a flood light! My customers were lovely and so were the owners  : )  I recently delved into the depths doggy psychology on a college course. I thoroughly enjoyed this learning & sometimes found how dogs were spookily close to humans. I learned that dogs have been one of the most successful evolutionary creatures, they very cleverly found their way into our hearts & made it to human ‘best friend’ status.

Being a mum to 3 children always provided the perfect excuse to be covered in paint and colourful messes. Having brought up my 3 children single handedly and what most would call a midlife crises at the age of 40 I enrolled as a mature student onto an HND Fine Art Course, I like to call it an a wake up call, one life and all that ; ) I throughly enjoyed every painful minuet! A single mum of three lovely kids, a sense of humour and perseverance got me through. I knew that I had rediscovered one of my passions. Finishing my HND I was encouraged to enrol onto a surface pattern design degree as my work lent its self to the decorative arts. This was a great challenge coming from the freedom of Fine Art to the structured direction and purpose of design... But I loved it! It just fitted my ideas perfectly. I had the most amazing chances & opportunities, we got to work on live design briefs with greeting card companies. I amazingly won a work placement with Tigerprint who supply greeting cards to Marks & Spencer! Over the next few years I worked within the design industry, from home textiles to art licensing gaining experience.

And more recently finishing my Masters Degree in surface pattern design with a distinction! Is something I am so very proud of...

And now

I am researching and learning the new language of Biophilic Design which on its own is a beautiful subject it is research based and a fascinating topic that proves how we connect to nature and how it effects our well-being and health and how much we need it in our daily lives as necessity not just a design style choice.

On completion of Luminous Spaces Biophilic Design course taught by Maureen Calamia, who has beautifully connected the philosophies of the 3,500 year old Feng Shui principles to the relative new area of biophilia, the ideas are so similar one having spiritual connection and the other more scientific… Yin & Yang as I have discovered.

So here I am starting a new exciting adventure as a Patternologist where I will combine my love for art and nature in my design work along with sharing my new discoveries about our inherent love of nature.

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